Projects - Building and Quantity Surveying

Building and Quantity Surveying

Project Description

Mitie – Lewisham Homes

Noor Construction Consultants worked on behalf of Mitie to undertake:

  • Building and quantity surveying duties for a £40M housing major works project within Lewisham.
  • Conducting borough-wide building condition surveys to low, medium and high rise blocks and housing estates.
  • Quantifying and specifying the scope of remedial and repair works by using NHF schedule of rates, client chosen schedule of rates and unique rates for unlisted and specialist work items.
  • Ascertaining condition of various building components including, brickwork, windows, doors, concrete balconies, balustrading, glazed panels, fire safety, asbestos, roofs, flooring, wall finishes, staircases and communal parts.
  • Challenging sub-contractor accounts and proposals, ensuring correct quantities were used and inappropriate work items omitted.